Aug 13, 2020

Falcon Arrow:Dynamite 08/12/2020

The Dynamite Episode that was to be as exciting as a 7000 dollar coat covered in orange juice has concluded. However, it may not have lived up to expectations. It influenced this weeks episode of ArmChair Quarterback about submission holds!

Match of the Night honors goto Garyson/Evil Uno vs The Bucks! Second week in a row the Dark Order wins match of the night!


Aug 10, 2020

Falcon Arrow:Dynamite 08/05/2020

This we catch up with last weeks Dynamite recap and also Dan also gives his opinions on next weeks results.


Aug 6, 2020

Falcon Arrow: The AEW Four Horsemen

While Todd is out fighting the wilderness on vacation we are loading a bonus episode of ArmChair Quarterback! This week they discuss who would be the AEW 4 Horsemen that they are teasing!


Aug 3, 2020

The Final Goodbye

We have decided it is time to evolve and move on from Droids Canada Podcast. With that said, this is the podcast episode under Droids Canada Podcast. We want to thank everyone for supporting us over the years. David joins us this week to discuss the final episode and we deep dive the new mask bylaw enforced in the Niagara Region. 


See you in September!


Jul 31, 2020

Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 07/29/2020

This week they discuss the AEW results. Also Todd completes a full enraged shoot on Cancel Culture.


Jul 23, 2020

Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 07/22/2020

We complete a recap of this weeks episode of AEW Dynamite and in this weeks segment of ArmChair Quarterback, they discuss who would be a good opponent for Cody's open Challenge from different/current rosters of wrestling.


This weeks winner of the Match of the Night goes To Eddy Kingston and Cody Rhodes!


Jul 20, 2020

Episode 360: Come in to my kitchen, I wanna show you my Brita

We start off rocking out to the Disco Duck but you are in store for a fiery car wreck. They discuss restaurant pranks, code phrases, dirty words, pizza crusts, call center games and more!



Jul 16, 2020

Falcon Arrow: Fight For The Fallen

This week we reviewed Wednesday's episode of Dynamite: Fight for The Fallen. We also discuss upcoming heel turns in the armchair quarterback segment.


Jul 13, 2020

Episode 359: Duel of Canon

The War to Settle the Score has finally happened! @BattleSausage1 aka DAVID had his in depth conversation against our Italian Jedi, Dan! It was pretty intense so you will not hear much from Todd during this battle.


Jul 9, 2020

Falcon Arrow: FyterFest Day 2

Todd and Dan discuss the day 2 results from FyterFest and this week we arm quarterback the creative for the Dark Order!


Jul 6, 2020

Episode 358: Roasting the BattleSausage1

Finally. DAVID has finally graced the podcast with his presence. This is the pre-podcast before the Star Wars battle of wits that occurs between DAVID and the Italian Jedi, Dan. They discuss some weird situations that has happened over the past week, David's love for Romanian pop music, LittleFoots pepperoni tooth and more!

This episode is brought to you by for all your adults needs! Be sure to check them out and use Promo code DROID to get a discount on your purchase.


Jul 2, 2020

Falcon Arrow: FyterFest Day 1

The premiere of our unofficial AEW podcast, Falcon Arrow! Todd and Dan discuss the day 1 results from FyterFest and then do some "arm chair quarterbacking" about creative! Be sure to check out new episodes every Thursday!

This episode is brought to you by for all your adults needs! Be sure to check them out and use Promo code DROID to get a discount on your purchase.


Jun 22, 2020

Episode 357: DC vs Diamond

This week, Todd and Dan discuss comic books and DC's recent departure from Diamond Distributors. Never forget the Shame Bell.




Jun 15, 2020

Episode 356: Illuminati Confirmed

In celebration of the Phase 2 for Ontario, we release a bonus guerilla podcast episode after Dan returned from Florida. They discuss conspiracy theories, decepticons, and youtube videos. Dan is a bored man. Also Dan thinks Judge Judy is dead.


Jun 8, 2020

Episode 355: The Death of the Comic Con

A very deep conversation topic about the new state of affairs we are in due to CoVid. Will Comic Cons survive it? Dan and Todd get into a good conversation about it and they roast littlefoot. She had it coming.


Jun 1, 2020

Episode 354: Carole Baskin killed Dan

This week they discuss Tiger King's recent casting additions, the Last Dance show on netflix, the ongoing frustrations with CoVid, who was the best superman ever and more!


May 26, 2020

Episode 353: Total Bamboo Shoot Deletion

We continue down the highway of stupid hot food to eat with the MountainMan. This week he takes on super spicy Bamboo Shoots. It was sad.


May 20, 2020

Episode 352: Dan’s Obsession with Cat Noises

Dan drops some massive conspiracy theories yet again. Now he is trying to get people to believe JCVD puts cat noises in his movies. we have no words.


May 14, 2020

Episode 351: Life Finds a Way

Dan continues his conspiracy ways and discusses how dinosaur stem cell research is still happening. They also discuss, old school video games, the mispronunciations of the word "Italian," circus accidents and more!


May 11, 2020

Episode 350: Get to the Corona

This week they talk about Puddle of Mudd's horrific Nirvana cover, classic pops, discussion of Tony Schiavones fav move in wrestling, and top fictional body counts by actors. You would be surprised who was the best.


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