The Game Of Thrones Deadpool!


Droids Canada Game of Thrones Deadpool! We are setting up our very own Deadpool for Season 7! No purchase required to play. All you need to do is play for a chance to win an epic prize! Free and an epic prize? Why not! How to play: We have Drafted 30 people that could potentially die in Season 7. Tyrion Lannister Missandei Jorah Mormont Jamie Lannister The Hound Gilly Cersei Lannister Arya Stark Grey Worm Jon Snow Varys the Mountain Daenerys Targaryen Theon Greyjoy Beric Dondarrion LittleFinger Samwell Tarly Night King Davos Seaworth Brienne Of Tarth Yara Greyjoy Melisandre Tormund Giantsbane Lyanna Mormont Ellaria Sand Bran Stark Meera Reed Sansa Stark Bronn Podrick Payne Of that 30, you need to select 10 that you expect to die by seasons end. • You receive 1 point for every correct answer for everyone who died • You receive 1 point if you can tell us which character killed them • You receive 1 point if you can properly predict which episode they died on • You will receive a x2 multiple if the actor of the character you selected in the main title credits dies. (Potential of 6 points per character) • In the case of the tie, whomever has the most correct main title credit actors selected would break the tie All forms via email, G:Drive and paper must be submitted by 1PM EST on 07/16/17