Jan 7, 2020

Star Wars IX Review: The Quest For More Money

Spoiler alert. If you haven't seen this film yet, do not listen to this episode. Dan and Todd complete a deep dive into the final installment of the Skywalker saga. It cant be worse than Solo... right?


Dec 31, 2019

Have a Very Lemmy Xmas and a Happy New Year

We did shots of scotch from Scotland, Johnny Walker and other stupidity during this episode. Just because we got wasted doesn't mean you cant either. But don't be a bonehead a and drink and drive. Also, shoutout to our boy Lemmy up in the sky as this episode is dedicated to one of the most badass metalheads to ever exist!

Who'd win in a wresting match?

Lemmy or God?




Wrong. Trick question. Lemmy *IS* God.


Dec 29, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Home Again

Ash, distraught over losing Pablo, is determined to bring him back; Ruby and Kelly tag along to make sure Young Ash never sees the Necronomicon.


Dec 24, 2019

Kickstart our Christmas Drinking

Merry Birthmas! We celebrate Xmas the good ole Welland way. With Michelob Ultra's, booze talk, the constant conversation about Passports, Motley Crue misheard lyrics, farting at inappropriate times, and irregardless what The MountainMan says, Gremlins is a Christmas Movie.


Dec 21, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Ashy Slashy

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo encounter crazy characters when they search for Ash and Baal in an abandoned asylum; Baal schemes to break Ash and find the Necronomicon.


Dec 16, 2019

Hamilton Comic Con will run wild on you!

Dan visits the great Hamilton Comic Con in the hopes to lock in some epic interviews. Instead he was given a live mic and was allowed free reign to make poor decisions. This episode was not endorsed or approved by the owner of Droids Canada and he sincerely apologizes for what you are about to hear.


Dec 13, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Delusion

Ash's sense of reality begins to crumble after he wakes up in an asylum and lands in the care of a seeming helpful doctor.


Dec 9, 2019

The Smoking Monkey known as Drunky the Monkey

Dan has the weirdest leg cramps and that's how we start the show! They discuss on where they should never get punched, Jean Claude Van Damme impersonations, CRA phone scams for iTunes Gift Cards, and how small towns can benefit from having a smoking monkey.


Dec 6, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Trapped Inside

An angry mob corners Ash and the team in Brock's house while Ruby attempts to summon the spell to send Baal back to hell; Ash proves to the townsfolk that he is not a murderer, but a hero.


Dec 2, 2019

Happy 7th Birthday Droids Canada.. Welcome to Purgatory.

Has it really been 7 years since this award nominated show burst onto the podcast scene and was found off topic and offensive? Yes sadly it has. The 3 man band got back together to celebrate the fiery car wreck known as a Droids Canada Podcast. They discuss AEW, Dan's 146916th time at Disney this year, lame/offensive jokes and somehow they ended up in purgatory.


Nov 30, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Confinement

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo must break Ash out of jail after the Sheriff brings him up on charges.



Nov 25, 2019

Mountain Man vs the DeathNut Challenge

The MountainMan decides to up the ante and take on the 5 steps of doom in the deathnut challenge. Even Todd joins in and quickly learns how much of a bad idea it was.


Nov 23, 2019

Mountain Man vs the Paqui One Chip Challenge

And you thought the podcast streak was going to broken! Not on our watch. We give an episode that only proves how crazy(or even how stupid) the MountainMan is when it comes to spicy food. He may have died alittle on the inside.


Nov 12, 2019

And the winner is..

We are officially a 2 TIME! 2 TIME! AWARD WINNING PODCAST! Bask in our Glory! Also, this is the episode everyone is waiting for! Discussed is the most controversial topic to ever be spoken of on the podcast. People were divided, families shattered, and friendships have been ended... Is it too early to play xmas music? Dan has control of the music and may have further pushed his xmas agenda upon all of us. Also, we announced the winner of that content thing we had.


Nov 4, 2019

Remember.. Remember.. We are giving Concert Tickets away!

Contest announcement! On 11/15/2019.. in St. Catharines.. in the Meridian Centre, The Offspring and Sum 41 will be stopping by on their Canada Tour! Listen to the episode to find out the details on how to enter. Here is a hint, it starts tomorrow.


Oct 28, 2019

The New York Chronicles: Joker Review

At the time of the post, we have seen Joker approximately 5 times. But we were so excited that we got to see it in New York that we had to wait until we returned to Ontario to record it because someone forgot the recorder. They know who they are.


Oct 24, 2019

The New York Chronicles: SGT Slaughter and the trip to the Shadowlands

No Dan vs Evil Dead this week! We may air a bonus podcast that we never got around to airing awhile go tho. This is Part Deux of our trip to NYCC and all the shenanigans that happened while we were gone!


Oct 19, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: D.U.I

Ash is hunted as he searches for Delta; Ruby and Kelly battle the evil spawn; Pablo suffers from a new Necronomicon condition.


Oct 15, 2019

The New York Chronicles: Ted Danson and the Giant Forehead

After a week of recovery, the boys return to the podcast studio to discuss their long weekend in New York. They discuss the tours, Central Park, MSG, and Dan's obsession with Grissom from CSI. It's not Ted Danson, Siri.


Oct 12, 2019

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 3: Last Call

Local teens steal the Delta from Brock's house and raise hell; Ash and his best friend, Chet, scheme to lure the thieves to the bar in order to retrieve the Delta and the Necronomicon.


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